Overwhelmed with Medical Bills? Looking to appeal them?

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Nelson Vergel

Founder, ExcelMale.com
This lady was recommended highly for those who are overwhelmed with medical bills that they do not know how to fight:

Medical Reimbursement Specialist - MedBillsAssist a division of O&K Consulting
Katalin Goencz
203.570.3904; Fax: 203.973.0367
[email protected]

"Katalin is the resource of first choice I recommend to my clients who have a claims mess or are overwhelmed by claims.
The huge gains she wins more than outweigh the modest cost of her service. She creates order out of chaos, reduces stress, and is extremely gentle with clients and aggressive with insurers and medical providers. She too gets decisions where everyone says the situation is hopeless."
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Nelson Vergel

Founder, ExcelMale.com
[h=2]Claims Assistance Professionals Services[/b]
Challenge denials of claims by the insurance company
Organize health insurance paperwork
Audit hospital and provider charges
Negotiate with providers on patient balances
Review medical bills and determine proper payment
File various types of insurance claims (medical, long term care, FSA, HSA)
Track claims to ensure they are accurately processed
Contact providers and insurance companies to resolve claim problems
Assist in selecting Medicare Part D drug plans and Medicare supplement plans
Assist with choices during employer open enrollment
Provide education on benefits and options
Negotiate providers' fees for uninsured patients or procedures

If Katalin is too busy, you can find someone like her in your state:

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