Online prescription of TRT/HCG

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As long as you have valid prescription with you and you purchase the medicine from the same country will not be in trouble for Test Cypionate or other TRT product.

Yes there are lot of websites that you can buy TRT products from. You would not need any prescription for them. You get the product directly shipped to your address. There is a huge market for that but not all of them are genuine though. You just have to find the right one. Price is much higher though without prescription from those websites.And you don't know if you are getting 100% pure product or not if you decide to purchase from them.
Ya i understand the risk and there are some websites which deliver within canada. Its hard to get prescription in canada or i have to go through bioidentical which is like 1600 per year. So i decided to do it all by myself. I havent started yet. Just ordered yesturday and waiting for the product. Ill post the product name.
Teragon Labs-Test Cypionate-250mg/ml
Norvo Pharmaceuticals Russia- HCG 5000iu/vial
These are apparently quit reputed in russia. I am not doubting these brands i am just worried about counterfeit drugs who uses same brands but different medications in it. Lets hope if my testosterone increases then everything wi be fine.
Regarding getting caught, chances are very slim bcas i am paying through bitcoin
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