New Injection to Improve Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) Symptoms

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Repeat injection of BPH agent improves AUA Symptom Index ScoreNymox Pharmaceutical Corp. announced positive efficacy data from its phase III NX02-022 repeat injection study of NX-1207 for BPH. The company reported that analysis of symptomatic improvement from repeat injection over a 1- to 2-year period showed a mean improvement of 8.2 points in AUA BPH Symptom Index Score. Evaluation of safety data confirmed that NX-1207 reinjection treatment was well tolerated and did not impair sexual function. In addition, NX-1207 reinjection treatment has not shown any drug-related significant side effects, Nymox said in a press release.- See more at: http://urologytimes.modernmedicine....-endpoint-phase-iii-stud#sthash.oztUUa4e.dpuf

NX-1207: A New Treatment for BPH

NX-1207 is a novel drug developed by Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation for the treatment of BPH. NX-1207 is administered by a urologist in an office procedure that takes a few minutes, does not require any type of anesthesia or catheterization, and involves little or no pain or discomfort.

Blinded clinical trials to date have shown that men treated with NX-1207 reported statistically significant improvement inBPH symptoms 3 months after a single NX-1207 treatment with no reported serious drug-related side effects, including no (0%) significant sexual side effects. Patients notice improvement as early as a week or two after treatment.

In two multi-center Phase 2 U.S. prospective randomized blinded clinical trials, the aggregated mean improvement in the Primary Endpoint of BPH Symptom Score for 2.5 mg NX-1207 was 10.3 points, which is about double the reported degree of improvement for approved BPH drugs. Combination therapy (taking both classes of medication approved for BPH, everyday) has a reported rate of improvement in the 5-6 point range.

Results of 6 follow-up studies of available subjects from NX-1207 clinical trials have provided evidence of durable benefits from NX-1207 treatment for up to 6½ years from the date of a single treatment. Nymox recently announced (May, 2008) statistically significant improvement compared to placebo in a 22 to 33 month follow-up study of 93 patients treated with NX-1207 at 17 U.S. clinical trial sites. In an earlier study (April, 2008), with assessment 54 months after their NX-1207 treatment, 75% of the patients reported no current drug treatment for their BPH, and a mean improvement of 11.1 points in the BPH Symptom Score.
NX-1207 treatment does not require taking pills daily for the rest of a patient’s life.
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