Mid range test after climbed but no improvement in symptoms

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Really hoping for a bit of magic here...
I have been suffering with low testosterone symptoms for 7 years now. My bloods were as follows Aug.
Testosterone 6.4 (185 in US)
SHBG 39.5
Free Test 0.086
Prolactin 193
LH 5.0
FSH 3.3
PSA 0.49
I was put on Clomid for a month (25mg 3x per week)
My results have come back after this and my Test is now 18 (519 US)
BUT...My symptoms haven't improved AT ALL. The only thing I have noticed is a slight increase in testicle size.
I have no tutors on my Pituitary Gland and apparently have no issues with adrenal or Thyroid.
Can anyone shed any light on this please? or explain how I could post this on Exelmale as I have no idea how to use forums...
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Welcome to Excelmale. May I ask some additional questions? How old are you? Was the possibility of TRT, either topical or injectable, discussed with your doctor? Can you provide the ranges associated with the test results you posted?


Your prolactin is super high as well. Generally over 50 (some say 20) is bad. A small dose of Cabergoline (like 0.5 mg) weekly or twice weekly will bring that right down. Are you in the US? If so, have you considered Defy Medical? If not in the US can you get your doctor to go to twice weekly injections instead of Clomid? You gave that a fair chance and it has not been a good solution for you. Some guys do great on it, some do not. Also, you need to know your Ultra Sensitive E2 levels at the very least.
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