Male Pleasure Toy Review

I think you have to be fully erect for the Fleshlight. Right?

This one lets you start when you are soft and work yourself up.

Has Anyone Tried Any of These Electric Strokers?

Bro Why would someone want to start soft and work your way into an orgasm. It’s dangerous and causes ED issues. Or a man already has ED if they can’t get fully hard when hornified !!!

Men should only have sex when they are able to have an erection without all this stimulation and shit.

No wonder we have an epedemic of me ED.
Interesting article. You have to click "view gallery" to see toys. Has anyone used any of these?

Male sex toys - 18 of the best sex toys for men and people with penises
I had an idea for a site like that as everything you read says X is the best thing since sex was invented, and it's all BS planted stuff. I always thought a legit testing site for men and women by say anonymous reviewers would be popular. I don't know if such a site exists in the way I envisioned it. I'd like to try one of these!

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