Low dose Finasteride


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I would not be surprised if testing with very low dose finasteride is being conducted for dht related side effects. Perhaps .25 and .5mg dosages opposed to 1mg amd 5 mg. Finstasteride side effects do seem to be dose dependant ( to an extent ). Low dose Finasteride could very well become an adjunctive therapy for T replacement.
Lets face it, our body produces dht for a reason so lowering it too much is not a good thing. Lowering cholesterol too much is not a good thing either.
There are no (high) DHT related side effects to a point as you stated should not be reduced. Prostate issues have far more to do with Estrogen and being Estrogen dominant, whereas DHT counters E to an extent, and MPB is far more to do with genetics than anything else.


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