Lab results. Any insight please. HCG/clomid doubts.

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Hi. Guys have a question about HCG and clomid.

I'm 36, labs before trt (TT 2,96ng/mL (3,6-9,9) DHEA 219 mcg/dL (80-560) - no gonadotropins taken).

Stopped after one year as I was feeling unwell and wanted to know what exactly was malfunctioning.

I stopped and I am reassessing.

5 weeks no gel Lab 1:

FSH 2,36 (men 0,00-20,00)
LH 2,96 (men 0.00-25)

TT 2,90 ng/mL (3,6-9,9)
FT 12,0 (8.8 -27.00)

SHBG 38 nmoL/L (18-144)
DHEA 192,50 mag/dL (80-560)
Estriol E2 30,3 pool/L (men 7.6 -42.6)

3 months Lab 2:

FSH 1.9 u/L (0.60 -12.00u/L)
LH 1.6 u/L (1.80-8.20u/L)

Serum Test 16.5 mol/L (8-30)
DHEA 7.7 umol/L (2.20-15.20)

SHBG 40 umol/L (13-71)
Estradiol 95 pmol/L (40-161)

3months Lab 1 (5 days after lab 2):

FSH 2,48 mU/mL (men 0,00-20,00)
LH 3,29 mIU/mL (men 0.00-25)

(doctor forgot to ask for TT) !!
FT 23,6 pg/mL (8.8 - 27)

SHBG 41 mol/L (18-144)
DHEA 241,80 mcg/dL (80-560)
DHT 245 pg/mL (109-583)

Estradiol 6 pg/mL (men 0-90)

Albumin 46,56 % 3,68 gr/dl (45-70)
Vitamin D 23,6 ng/mL (superior to 30) 59 nmol/L (superior to 75)

At 3 months, 5 days apart one lab says I have low LH the other is ok.

I have low vitamin D, and I'm missing TT from one lab. Isn't Estrodiol at 6 (0-90) too low?

Even though FT is high at 23,6 could that be an error? ( i read that FT direct readings are not accurate sometimes).

Besides, I ask if it can be an error as I feel tired all the time, no strength, low mood/lack of confidence , bad erections, zero libido, pain in body and joints, hard to keep my back straight, no strength in the muscles.

At 4 months I will have it re- checked and will see two different docs to gather insight.

If I have to continue on trt I would like to go on HCG or clomid route (the issue seems to be with low FSH and low LH right?).

Could clomid be taken indefinitely at a low dose of 12.5mg daily or eod?

One Endo told me to go 6 months to one year on clomid and then leave it. Would the system restart?

Or could HCG be used as a top up to the natural production of LH? Would it suppress the natural production of LH?

Thanks for your input.
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You got nowhere with a topical gel. Some men don't achieve TRT success with such applications, though there are certainly those that do. What made you consider Clomid at this point? Is injectable testosterone, cypionate or enanthate, available in your country? I would like to understand your reasons a bit better.
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