Hypertension the the mornings?

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So I’ve been trying to get my blood pressure under control before being evaluated and put in an anti hypertensive.

I have been taking my blood pressure about 3 times a day, (morning, afternoon,night) and my morning blood pressures are always the highest. They almost are always 140s/80s about an hour-two hours upon awakening. My last two pressure are usually between 120-130/70-80. Any thought?

I do take several supplements. I’m trying to avoid possible metabolic syndrome do u high triglycerides and low HDL (triglycerides 260, HDL 36). I have been in TRT for many about 6 years and my lipids have never been this bad. I’ve been having bp issues for a bit But I keep brushing them off.

Supplements: 800mg mag glycinate
1600 supplemental potassium
2000mg Hawthorne berry
5,000iu vit d
Coq10 300mgv

I use 16mg test cyp daily sub q.
I also take an occcasional propranolol when needed. I’ve always had this heightened adrenaline feeling, and I believe this may be a cause for these morning bp spikes
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I was under the impression that its normal for BP to be higher in the mornings? As a result of the "waking up" of the body, adrenaline, etc all getting turned on when we wake up.


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The normal pattern of BP is highest in the morning, lowest in the late evening. It might also drop after meals due to pooling of blood in the intestines during digestion.


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Correct. The "wake up" response includes higher cortisol levels which also increase BP. The average readings are what is important, and of course avoiding spikes.


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You don't have high blood pressure. I scoff at all the hypochondriacs that think they have high blood pressure. If your BP is in the 140s or below your fine. In fact, the guideline used to be 140/90 until they decided to change it to 120/80 and label half the population "sick", and in turn making the pharmaceuticals rich.
My BP is consistently in the 170 to 180 range which IS hypertension that must be treated. I recently discovered that I suffer from PTSD from a near death experience that occurred when I was a child. As it was explained to me, my brain is constantly releasing adrenaline and causing my high blood pressure. I am currently taking a beta blocker which blocks the adrenaline from affecting my heart and my BP has come down dramatically.
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