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I hit that link and dont see how I can add you as a book there a box or what to check??? Would be glad to make a direct contribution to help offset expenses as well..paypall or anything you suggest Nelson
Tom Matt

Nelson Vergel

Hey Nelson, I ordered Testosterone a Man's Guide and some professional Wahl Clipper and some other items. I'm hoping that it all went through the Excel Male Amazon contribution link. I tried to any way. Maybe you can check to see if it went through. I will continue to make all my Amazon orders through the contribution link as this website is totally worth it. Thanks for all you do!

Hey Nelson........I just made another order from Amazon for a few things. I went to your page first, added the items to my cart, then it asks me to log in to my Amazon account. I made the purchase, but I can't tell if your page is getting the credit for the purchase. Is there anything else we need to ensure that your page gets the credit for the purchase? I just want to make sure that we're doing it correctly so that we can contribute to keep the site paid for.




Apologies; I kind of done things back to front, saw your post on youtube, went to amazon, bought your book, then joined this forum

Wish I had joined here first prior to purchasing your book from amazon to help support site.

I bought both your book and Testosterone Replacement Therapy: A Recipe for Success Crisler, Dr. John Keith as they are advertised side by side

I am on Testo Gel for life and appreciate all you have done to advise guys like myself.

Nelson Vergel

Hi Pedro

We need smart guys who can post pertinent information to this site without breaking copyright laws. Thanks for asking.

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