Has Anyone Tried Any of These Electric Strokers?

Never tried any of these or nothing els. Pls share your experience once you choosed one and tried:). I stoped w..ing to much of an effort nowadays.


I have this stroker.


It’s not as mind blowing as I was hoping it would be but I’ve come to decide that it’s really, really nice. I use it in combination with playing with my nipples. It’s not long/deep enough to take in my entire penis but it gets most of it. So far I’ve only used it for foreplay then switched to intercourse with my wife for climax. However one morning my wife put it on my and I was going to go all the way with it and just as I was getting close the rechargeable battery went dead. What a disappointment. Vibrators on my penis will make me come but the vibration tends to overpower the sense of orgasm and sort of ruins it. However there is very little vibration felt in this. It’s just a quite natural feeling stroking action.


I mentioned earlier in this thread a paper stroker I have. I enjoy it’s stroking action but the stroke is kind of short. I’ve learned however that if I insert it between the mattresses it’s the right height to thrust into. With the motor off I just thrust into it. As far as in concerned it’s about the most exquisite place you can insert a penis into. Much better than a hand.

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