Great Lectures on Testosterone at the American Urology Association Conference May 18, 2015

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Nelson Vergel

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Plenary II - AUA Town Hall 2015: Testosterone: Too Much or Not Enough?

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Testosterone is Being Overprescribed and T Advertising is Inappropriate?

Panelist - Disagree: Martin M. Miner, MD
Panelist - Agree: Mark Sigman, MD

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Age Discrimination or Age Specific Precautions: Will New Guidelines from the FDA Protect Elderly Male Patients or Condemn Them to Live with the Symptoms of Hypogonadism?

Panelist - Protect: Glenn R. Cunningham, MD
Panelist - Condemn: Adrian Dobs, MD

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Testosterone Increases Cardiovascular Morbidity?

Panelist - Agree: Shehzad Basaria, MD
Panelist - Disagree: Mario Maggi, MD

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Therapeutic Options and Best Practices in Management

Speaker: John P. Mulhall, MD

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Erythrocytosis: Could This be the Key to Cardiovascular Risk?

Speaker: Wayne J.G. Hellstrom, MD

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Anabolic Steroids, a Candid Conversation Between Patient and Physician

Speaker: Tobias S. Kohler, MD, MPH
Speaker: Chad Schaive

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Androgen Town Hall: Expert Answers for the Urologic Community

Moderator: Ridwan Shabsigh, MD
Panelist: Arthur L. Burnett, II, MD
Panelist: Mark S. Hirsch, MD
Panelist: Mohit Khera, MD, MBA, MPH
Panelist: Mario Maggi, MD
Panelist: John P. Mulhall, MD
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