General Wellness Tips By Nelson Vergel

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Nelson Vergel


Measure your body at the start of any exercise program and every 3 months- chest, thighs, arms, abdomen and weigh yourself weekly.

Ask your doctor about a DEXA scan to measure bone density, muscle and fat in every part of your body. Get it every two years if you can.

Drink lots of water and avoid sodas and fruits juices (eat fruit instead, you need the fiber.)

Monitor your fasting cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, liver and kidney functions every 3-6 months.

Exercise with weights/machines 3–4 times a week for an hour, and also do cardiovascular exercise (elliptical trainer, fast walking, light jogging, etc.) for at least 30 minutes a day after weight training. Make sure that you sweat!

Cut sugars, maximize good protein and good fats (olive oil and cold water fish), fruits and vegetables of all colors. Do not skip breakfast!

Take at least a multivitamin a day with meals.

Motivate yourself with a buddy, support group, and surround yourself with smart and up-beat people. Find your life purpose

Have nutrition-dense snacks available and never get too hungry or too thirsty. Examples are nuts, hard boiled eggs, lean meats, tuna, milk/cheese if you can tolerate it, whole grains. No white bread and watch your sweets!

If you have to, use stimulants wisely and in moderation (coffee and green tea)

Get good quality sleep

Manage stress with relaxation techniques, hobbies, and learning to let go of anger and unrealistic expectations

Get a least 20 minutes a day of sunshine. Your body needs it to make Vitamin D for bone health

Cut calories and fill yourself up with fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean meats. Eat small frequent meals.

Sweat. Use a pedometer to attempt 10,000 steps a day. Cardio up by parking far, go up the stairs, walk the dog, dance, and have fun!

Ask you doctor to check your hormone levels and your thyroid function since low levels of testosterone or thyroxin can make you prone to gaining more fat.

Get your lipids and blood sugar under control with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and medicines if necessary.

Beware of companies that claim their weight loss/appetite suppressant supplements or “growth hormone precursors” work. They don’t. Most weight loss supplements have stimulants that can affect mood and increase blood pressure and cardiovascular risks.
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