For HIV+ People and Men Who Want To Know Science: Free Book

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Nelson Vergel

With over 330 scientific references, this book provides a comprehensive guide to the medical use of anabolic steroids, growth hormone, supplementation, optimal nutrition, and exercise to prevent and treat the loss of lean body mass and body alterations experienced by people with HIV.


Keep in mind this book was written 12 years ago, although I have updated a lot of the information this year. There is also info on facial and buttock wasting.

There is a lot of information here also useful for people not living with HIV.

Free Book: Built to Survive

You can also purchase it here

Free book in Spanish
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I am not Hiv+ but this book is an incredible source of information for any men. Nelson 's story is inspiring and shows the importance of never give up despite the odds. Thanks for giving this for free.

Nelson Vergel

Thanks for your kind words, Ronnie. The title scares people so I am thinking about extracting info applicable to all people HIV+ or HIV- and give it another title.
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