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Ya sure. Basically that iron oxidation, and excess iron, not enough vitamin A in our diets, and not enough copper in our diets, are the cause of most disease. Obviously he explains it better than that. And anemia isn’t really lack of iron, it’s lack of vitamin A.

It’s an extremely interesting podcast, that will change everyone’s views on things, for the better, imo.

I just added the FB link which has video, and you don’t need to download the podcast app to listen to it.


So is he suggesting, as others I follow have, the possibly donating 1-2 times a year is good for dumping excess iron?

Yup. Donating blood is mandatory, imo, if you want to stay healthy. For males, that is. And obv post menopausal women. On TRT, we absorb iron better than the average person, so it’s even more important for us. Within reason of course. You definitely don’t want to not have enough iron. That would be just as bad as iron overload.

To balance things out, we also need vitamin A. It’s an extremely underrated vitamin, that most of us are not getting enough of. Vitamins were alphabetized in the order that they were discovered. Vitamin A was the first vitamin discovered for a reason.

People with anemia are trying to take copious amounts of iron, but sometimes what they need is just more vitamin A.
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