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Over the last week or so I found this site. It has helped in my quest to figure out what is going on with me. By nature when I see a problem or have one I love to research it out. I have found this site a great place to start. The knowledge and information posted here by everyone has been very helpful on my quest. I love to read and listen to the people that have been there done that. Have also traveled the road that I am beginning. Sound advice and encouragement has been great.
Keep up the good work. I appreciate the moderators of their time and effort to educate us. Keep up the great work and ever quest of learning more how we work and the quest in all of our successes.
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Great news, you two Sounds like a bluddy good place you got, and a bluddy good life youre living. Keep it up

Do you know that one about the bloke with the ostrich and the cat?