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Thanks for your interest to subscribe to ExcelMale.com, a moderated site where men can trust health information and feel protected against online abuse. Please read these terms before you decide to subscribe. If you do not agree to one of these terms, then we suggest that you do not join. As you will be able to see, most are designed to protect you and to ensure that this site is a respected one.

By subscribing to ExcelMale, you will abide by the following:

1. You will unsubscribe yourself when you want. The moderator does not unsubscribe anyone.

2. You will not attack others--even if you strongly disagree with their views. This applies to emails posted to the group or to the person directly.

3. You will always respect the confidentiality of others.

4. You will post messages only on issues that are pertinent to the site

5. You will respect people's gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, health status, political affiliations, etc.

6. You will not post for profit information, unless pre-approved by moderator.

7. You will not discuss illegal therapies not approved for human use, unless the information comes from a published study.

8. Your messages may or may not get approved by the moderator. You will accept the moderator's best judgment and will not argue about it with him about this action.

9. You will talk to your doctor before implementing anything you read on this site. ExcelMale and its members are not responsible for any decisions you make regarding your health care

10. There is NO posting of another member's information without prior approval of the member in question.

11. There is NO posting of pornographic pictures or messages. This includes pictures in your AVATAR as well as link to pornographic websites.

12. Do not post links from other men's forums. Everyone has the right to visit other forums as they wish, but advertising those sites here is not acceptable.

13. You are allowed to give your opinions and share experiences, but never recommend any treatment options. This site is for educational purposes only and no medical advice is provided.

14. ExcelMale.com staff are not employees of any clinics and do not serve as customer service representatives for any clinics. If you have issues with your current health care provider, you should address them with them and not expect people on this site to do so for you.
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Not open for further replies.
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