Estradiol and Penile Sensitivity

Can anyone tell me what the relationship is between estrogen and penis sensitivity? What would be the result of high estrogen levels and what's likely to be the result of the low estrogen levels. Thanks guys.
When my E was high....sensitive tests in the 50/60/70/80 range one of my complaints was lack of sensitivity and subsequent delayed orgasm or not able to cum at all.


As my estradiol climbed, over a six week period, I realized I was losing some degree of sensitivity in the shaft of my penis. I would caution you, however, not to assume anything when it comes to e2 levels in the absence of lab work. I noticed the same symptoms returning and would have sworn estradiol was up again. Lab work showed it hadn't moved since the prior test.

Symptoms and labs are the only way to navigate the estradiol maze. One without the other sets you up for a confusing ride.
Any updates here?

I have noticed a slight improvement as ive cut my Cyp dose from 28mg/D to 24mg and now on 20mg/D. Slight improvement in sensitivity like a light flickers on and off but it's there. Still require PDE5i, some soft erections, tough to maintain, etc etc
New labs are due any day now...I over aromatase, Im trying to bring my Free T down to lab range and not over with the reduced Cyp dose, maintained the AI dose throughout.

20mg/D Cyp
.25mg EOD
200iu HCG Weekly
I dont like HCG, I use some because I should and dont want shrunken up nuts but unlike others I get no "feeling" from use of HCG so I keep it to a bare minimum.
I get no "feeling" from use of HCG so I keep it to a bare minimum.

I haven't been on TRT without HCG before, so I don't know what that feeling is either. I had asked my doctor about it and he said its mainly to prevent atrophy, and I definitely noticed it fixed that after the shutdown phase when I started. I know the testicles have other functions so it's good to have them working, but as far as feeling I don't even know what to expect.


I've found that low estrogen reduced penis sensitive more than high estrogen, high estrogen seems to take longer to fill my penis with blood even though sensitivity is somewhat affected. Low estrogen will kill sensitivity and libido and make either uninteresting, I still seem to have good libido on high estrogen because emotions are higher.

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