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I've read a few studies where the use of Clomid increased SHBG. I've read I believe two with enclomiphene where it didn't increase in one but did increase in the other. So it's very individual, and I don't remember reading about huge increases (maybe from like the high 30's to the low 50's in the Clomid study). In my personal case, I can't come up with an explanation for the increase in SHBG other than enclomiphene (I have had lots of labs and was never that high - it actually went lower when I was on TRT, which tends to happen with increased T levels). Enclomiphene increased my T levels but my SHBG also increased. Again, it still had my Free T levels in a good range, my problem was that it shot my E2 into the 50's. I do think with some trial and error I can find a good frequency of use that will work well for me, just need to go through that process. I'm getting labs on Thursday morning which will tell me where I am at after 3 weeks of once per week. If it's a bit too low, then I'll probably go to every 3.5 days.
The problem is that most of these enclomiphene studies are done in people with low TT and low/lowish SHBG. The clomid studies are, of course, using a different drug.

Your dosage is defo low but much better to try and get away with that if you can. I think I'll get retested soon too.

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