Empty AndroGel dispenser.


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Hi my name is Mike,
I live in Thailand and use AndroGel pumps for my testosterone therapy.
In Thiland you can buy AndroGel satchel at any pharmacy but they don't have the pump dispensers. They only sell boxes of 30 satchels. I empty the satchels into a pump I brought from the States but its getting old and I'm looking for a few replacements. I only need 1/2 a satchel a day and its hard to measure the proper amount thats why I use the pump. If anyone has used pumps they want to sell I would like to purchase them. I be back in Houston Texas next month if by chance anyone there has some I would like to make contact. Thanks

Richard Henry

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Maybe the wisest thing would be to stop in at any large drug pharmacy in the U.S., and ask the pharmacist what he might recommend. Surely you can buy some sort of dispenser somewhere. I don't know if "used," depleted AndroGel pump bottles could be adapted for use; never tried to take one apart, and see if it works when put back together. In the U.S. the Androgel is hellish expensive, over $200 for a month's supply I think; but through the Veteran's Administration, for Vets, it's only $8.00 a month.


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Can you post a pic of what an androgel pump looks like? What increment it dispenses? I'll check my resources or might be able to find an alternative.


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