Deciphering Digestive Health by Probing Your Poop

Nelson Vergel

I highly recommend reading this article written by one of our experts, J.W. Simpkins

Discussing your bowel movements with anyone other than your doctor probably won't get you very many dinner party invitations. Yes, farts can be funny, but poop… not so much.

It's a shame really, that as we grow into adulthood there is a loss of that youthful exuberance we all once had overcoming the trials and tribulations of potty training.

Even so, as an adult you can learn a lot about the current state of your digestive health by observing the frequency and quality of your bowel movements.

How Often Should You Go?

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any general consensus in the health care community as to what the ideal frequency of bowel movements should be in order to maintain intestinal health. I've read suggestions from medical doctors who state that one bowel movement every two to three days will suffice. While others state that you should have at least three bowel movements per day! Seriously, as much as I love reading magazines, who has the time for that?


Do you think Bowel Movement(BM) frequency is an indicator of metabolism?

I noticed before TRT I would BM every 3-5 days and it wouldn't be a lot either and when I started TRT I had more frequent and better quality(amount) BM's once a day. I took a medication that is believed to be able to possibly slow metabolism and cause weight gain(which happened). I'm back to BM every 2 sometimes 3-4 days even though I quit that medication so bottom line regardless of cause if you eat enough fiber what else can be done to help increase BM's frequency and amount?
P.S. the link no longer works


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I'm in the couple times a day group, just have to do it fast. Well I guess I'm full of s***.

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