Clinic/DR recommendation for women

There is a 50 year old women I know looking for an HRT/anti-aging expert. Specifically a female practitioner that is on HRT and successful with her own protocol as well as her patients. Any help would be much appreciated.


My wife is about to commence formal HRT and is a couple years under the age you specified. We both looked into Defy and a few others. For Telemed, this one is currently at the top of her list but in full disclosure she's not a patient there we've just had a phone consult beyond their sales call.

but she's most likely going to end up using a local provider that a couple of her friends have had great results using.


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Foremost expert on women's HRT, heard her lectures at A4M a few years ago.
Thanks for your reply! We would really like to find a clinic like Defy that has a female doctor with specific HRT and antiagaing experience as well as a responsive professional staff. We have found a few qualified doctors but they are not doing telemed.

Please respond if there are any others that you know.
Thank you much!

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