Chronic Pelvic Pain and Non-Bacterial Prostititis

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Smokin Joe

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I did not know where to post this so fogive me in advance if in the wrong place.
In my previous post I mentioned a rising PSA with no obvious reason (PSA @ 1.9 from .7 in 2007). No BPH or bacterial prostititis. Some testosterone use.
I do have degenerative disk disease in the L-spine along with Sacroiliac Joint syndrome. Very pain full at times.
It was brought to my attention sometime back that chronic pelvic pain can affect the prostate causing non--bacterial protititis through inflammation.
If this is the case will non-bacterial prostititis cause PSA to rise as is the case with bacterial protititis.
Stil trying to figure this PSA thing out before moving ahead with TRT.
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Nelson Vergel

I would not worry about your PSA at that level. It is till under 4 and your last value was 0.7 seven years ago (I am not sure if you were on TRT back then). TRT can increase PSA by 30-50 % in men with low testosterone due to increase in its volume. Also, I would get it restested and ensure that you do not have sex at least 12 hours before the test. If it comes back at that level or higher, go see an urologist to test you for prostatitis and perform DRE and ultrasound.

I am not sure where you read that chronic pelvic pain can cause "non-bacterial" prostatitis. I have never seen any data to back that up.

Here are several posts related to prostate, PSA and testosterone that you may want to read.

Smokin Joe

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Thanks Nelson. My Urologist is the one who had informed me of the chronic pelvic pain and no-bacterial protititis relationship.
I will follow up with testing as advised.
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