Can Creatine Supplementation Increase Hematocrit ?

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My hematocrit has been stable for many years at around 50. I started using creatine 5 grams per 2 months ago. I started having headaches, itchiness and fatigue two weeks ago. I decided to check my hematocrit and it had gone up to 55. Got a therapeutic phlebotomy today.

My hypothesis is that the increase DHT caused by creatine increased my hematocrit.

Just bringing this up as a discussion topic to see what others have experienced.

I stopped creatine three days ago but I will miss it since my workouts were great on it.

Does creatine increase DHT?
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I wonder if it's true? I did stop creatine and starting doing daily injections of T, my hematocrit did drop. I don't know how much is related the stopping creatine.

The last few times it had my hematocrit tested it was 46 plus I stopped donating blood.
We've been having some disussion and I've been using it either eating Grapefruit or using GSE, I use GSE, but my last CBC had me @ 50 when I *should* have been according to my history, I was expecting HCT in 53-54 range. But it was @ 50 and during my GSE use I've not had the physical feeling I've had in the past of needing to donate. I haven't donated in at least 12 weeks if not longer. I use I think its 1tsp daily in water...that's a heavy dose according to the labeling.
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