Arimidex messes up lipids


Triglycerides (before TRT over 4 years, E2 was 8): 84, 115, 157 (dirty bulking), 104 (cutting)

Triglycerides over 9 months of TRT: 119, 114 (April)

Triglycerides after 4 months of Arimidex: 197 (September)

Arimidex dosage (tiny): 0.125mg x twice a week
Test Cyp: 36mg x trice a week

HDL is 56 (btw, I was pretty underweight all my life, 150 lbs / 68kg at 6ft / 183cm, and only the last two years around 170-175 lbs, no gut really, gut leaned out I think especially during a year of trt)

Confused why it would be,
no changes in diet much, no fructose syrup (not counting a few snacks from a new vending machine installed recently)

Also been feeling pretty depressed starting Arimidex, more depressed than before TRT a year ago


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Im not far enough off of it to say for positive but when I was on Exemestane my lipids were all out of whack high with no other explanation. Switched back to Anastrozole and saw one set of labs with lipds having come down. I'll have to run 1-2 more lipid panels over the next month to see if there's a correlation. I've not previously had a lipids problem with Anastrozole.
THough re-reading I severely doubt an 1/8th milligram twice per week is responsible as this is a remarkably tiny dose.

What E symptoms do/did you have that started the AI use? An E2 of 18 in a trough would (should) not be considered low, especially in relation to your SBHG.


Before TRT my sensitive E2 was 8-12 (regular E2 test: undetectable E2, <5)

With TRT, whether it's 22mg x 3 x week, 20mg x 3 x week or 18mg x 3 x week,
my E2 was at (sky-rocketed) 40-49. Gave me back acne and chest acne. And libido (main reason for starting TRT) was not much there (better than before TRT, but not like 2 weeks into TRT). So we decided to add AI to drop it slightly (it dropped to 20)

Arimidex / Anastrozole: 0.125mg x 2 x week, or 0.125mg x 3 x week, my E2 drops to 20 (in both cases),
back acne is still there (just tiny), my skin before TRT (chest / back) was always very clean BTW.

Not sure if my Test Cyp dose should be even lower (to avoid AI, dr. Saya said to bring my E2 to mid range without using AI my Test Cyp dose might become too low to maintain normal Total Test)

I understand that lipids get messed up by low E2 (according to studies) not by AI itself ? But my lipids were fine even with E2 = 8 (before TRT) or E2 = 49 (during TRT), the reason also I was giving TRT a try was to raise my E2, not Total Test (libido, bones etc)
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Not by my personal experience. I always had great Chol numbers so good that I stopped checking. But once I was on Exemestane and we ran one set and saw those had risen remarkably ran a few more sets of lipids and continued to see them high. Chol isn't in my diet and there was no other possible reason than the Exem was skewing my lipids.

We're all different though.

I understand that lipids get messed up by low E2 (according to studies) not by AI itself ?

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