Are persons with HIV worthy of cancer prevention diagnoses and treatment?


A good friend of mine, a healthy husky contractor named Jim Kennedy needed a liver. Jim was the kind of guy that would do anything for anyone in need. He fed the homeless and needy not only on Thanksgiving but all year long. He lifted guys out of poverty by offering them work and teaching them skills.

He "wasn't eligible" for a liver so he died. That was 1989. He had taken the ELISA test when it first came out four years prior in 1985. He didn't have AIDS and he wasn't sick. He just had this result in his chart and that's what killed him.

We used to talk about 1985 and how these people showed up from Washington with their own needles and vials. They sat everyone in a room and showed them this movie. "If the test that you are about to take comes back positive it means you are infected with HIV" An animation of HIV killing T-cells was"shown. Then it concluded: "This is a fatal diagnosis." 'There is no treatment.' "No one can survive past 24 months"

About two weeks later people returned for their result. Dante himself couldn't have painted a better scene.

We always thought that was very very weird. There was no science behind what these strangers from Washington did. Why didn't doctors draw the samples in their individual offices? Why were the draw needles in a large square tray unwrapped?

We've progressed a little but not much.

Like Jim, if you have HIV stamped on your chart you aren't offered the same health care others get.

The government's HIV/AIDS time line:

Odd how they leave stuff out like the green monkeys they claimed Jim and others were keeping as pets or that they had purportedly "traveled to a convention in Haiti'.

Or who was behind the mass media storm in 82-84 when average suburban Americans were deluged with messages of fear about their alleged risk. It really does make a difference when you forget to tell people that the women and heterosexual men in those statistics were living in Africa.

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