Apparently E2 is way out but I'm feeling good


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Total T 1180 ng/dL multiplied by 0.04= 47.2 pg/mL

Your estradiol is where it should be (0.4% of total T)

I have to repeat that the estradiol "normal range" was derived for men who had "normal testosterone". Most guys on ExcelMale have high testosterone and get alarmed when Quest or LabCorp say their estradiol is above "normal".

Wow what a super simple yet very accurate formula! In this case it’s my consultant who is alarmed about the value. I’d be absolutely fine with it. But then again who knows, maybe a slight drop in E2 makes me feel even better? Worth a try I guess.


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Don’t reduce your dosage. It will not lower HCT. IF you don’t have any side effects just leave hct alone and donate a few times a year. Don’t stress over it. And don’t waste time on all these ways to lower it. None of them work. Grapefruit etc. All bullshit. Even though some say it works they don’t really know. Hct fluctuates non stop. A blood test is just a snap shot in time. Hydration only does so much. I tested my hct 3 times in one week. Numbers all over the place. 58 three days later 53. Same hydration and nothing else. It just fluctuates on its own.
I totally agree. The trouble is that my consultant is giving me a hard time about my apparently sky high e2 and HCT. The latter I’d admittedly like to see around <52 myself but that would be doable with donations. Obviously I would now run short of T cyp before the refill date if I kept my dose where it was so I’m kind of forced to live with the suggested reduction.
I’ve heard about Naringin in combination with grapefruit seed extract. I will give it a shot on its own. Thanks for the tip! Regarding dehydration I wished that’s what it is. Unfortunately, I have been drinking a lot of water lately - if it’s dehydration I wouldn’t even know what else to do about it.
Do you salt your food? Not a little, but a lot? If not, do so. Also, take a 1/4 to half a teaspoon of salt in the morning with your first glass/cup of water.

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