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Although I am a member of Dr. Davis's Undoctored Inner Circle group, I feel the need for more extensive intervention from a live coach/practitioner. ER-niacin + other lipid-lowering supps do definitely work and perhaps the LC diet, but it's the APOB, pattern B and small LDL that continue to be the bad actors.

I am considering either contacting the following lipid specialists:
Dr. Tara Dall, MD
AvanceMD: Dr. Tara Dall, MD
Tara Dall, MD | Medical Doctor, Speaker, Clinician

Pauline Harire, APNP (who took over Dall's practice and trained under her)
Advanced Lipidology– Abnormal Lipid Panel

@ Vince - I see that you have used both practitioners:
The First Lipidologist I Ever Saw

Tara now offers telemedicine (I verified via email) which is the only way this can work for me. Do you still have the same opinion in your above thread?

I am always open to listening to new opinions and treatments and am a conscientious health advocate and perpetual student, so it's not like I'm a patient just coming into this area without having any a clue or solutions.
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