4 weeks on TRT - anxiety advice

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Hey everyone,

I had an appointment with Dr. Saya at the beginning of Nov. and have been on Testosterone Cypionate 70 mg and 3.5 ml of HCG every 3.5 days (2x week, so 140 mg t-cyp) since then (4 weeks).

So, I have had anxiety problems most of my life (that are hereditary) and had been on citalopram (celexa) for a decade or so. I stopped it 9 months ago because ED, before for I knew about my low-T.

I have tried buspirone, but it always makes me dizzy, even after giving it two months.

I know SSRIs have negative effects on libdo and ED.

So, has anyone had experience with anxiety and/or depression and TRT? Ride it out, or go back to the SSRI?

Any suggestions for support groups or books for spouses?

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I follow somebody on YouTube, he suffers from depression, anxiety and is on TRT. Please check out some of his videos, it my help.


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I have experience with anxiety and still have it at times. It started years ago when a doctor thought Wellbutrin would help with pain. The idea was it wouldn't be as bad if I felt better on Wellbutrin. It took about one month to have a bad anxiety attack that I went to the ER for and have had it from then on. I tried the Wellbutrin again to confirm and it sends the anxiety through the roof. I took Lorazepam for years and it helps but its something doctors don't seem to want to give prescriptions for it.

I tried SSRI and don't feel well on them.

I took phentermine to lose some weight and the anxiety was gone when taking the phentermine. The laws in my state you can only get it for 3 months then stop for 6. I then tried Vyvanse and it worked at lower doses. I started at 10mg then on to 20 and was ok but 30mg is the limit. If I have a lot of caffeine it is not pleasant. The phentermine was better for the anxiety than Vyvanse. There is probably better choices but I don't have a doctor that has a clue.


I am taking 7.5 mg of Buspirone at night, but not during the day. No other anxiety meds.

Also on DHEA 25 mg 2x day. Does that make anyone anxious?
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