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    1/2" Glute injections

    Tried searching for this, but could't find anything on here about injecting shallow IM in the glute. Does anyone do this with blood work to back it up?
  2. I

    Deep IM vs shallow IM

    I'm trying to do only deep IM injections, noticing this works best for me. Sub-q is out of the question, but also I've done a 6-8 weeks of shallow IM when I have used cypionate and my levels were not where they should have been for the given dose. I've injected in delts and ventroglute with 29g...
  3. J

    Alternating Subq and Shallow IM

    Hi guys I was wondering if it would be a bad idea to alternate subq and shallow IM on a daily protocol. I inject daily 20mg subq in the belly and I want to give it a break. I was thinking subq one day and shallow IM the next. I use exel 28g 1/2". Would that needle size be alright for shallow IM...
  4. G

    Shallow IM Injection

    In my previous thread I asked about using slin pins, but didn’t necessarily say it was for shallow IM instead of sub-q. I’m just making sure that it will actually do something, correct? Is there a difference between injection 1 inch into muscle, than a half inch into muscle, versus just a...
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    SubQ or Shallow IM - Needle Length

    So, I have switched to what I think are SubQ injections. Here is my rotation, with questions to follow: (1) 27g x 1/2 into abdomen or love handles...slightly pinch/raise up the skin/fat (2) 25G x 5/8 into the fat of my rear end...upper area...slightly pinch/raise up the skin/fat...I am using...
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    Is a 30 gauge needle safe for IM injecting?

    I use a 30 gauge 1/2 inch insulin syringe for my HCG and started using the same for shallow IM in thigh. The NP at my doctors office said the needle was too thin and could potentially break. Anyone else using same needle for IM injections?
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    Test Cyp Injection Method Impacting T Levels?

    For just over 2 years I injected IM with a 25g 1" needle into my glutes...E3D 80mg. I was doing good as far a my levels and such. My wife did the injection 85% of the time and I found it hard to twist around (herniated disc in lower back) to do the injection myself, so I made a switch right at...
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    Nelson is right, the shoulder in the best injection site...

    When I first started TRT, I was a noob and went for the leg injections but that did not last long because of the soreness. Then I read all the rage about subQ and started injecting into the fat around my stomach area. What I found was that my free test dropped and my estradiol got to high...
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    First time shallow IM. More painful than deep IM?

    Hi guys, I usually do "deep" IM (with a roughly 20mm / 6/8" needle in 25G) into my quads. I do this ED, alternating between 16 sites (2 "lines" of 4 spots in the "available middle outer third" of each quad). Never any issues, little bit of a sting when entering (I do it slowly) but apart from a...
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    SubQ or shallow IM: Any real difference?

    SubQ or shallow IM: Any real difference? Using insulin syringe/needle (30g/12mm) on a 2 x week 50mg Test Cypionate protocol. I've been rotating injection sites between left/right thighs (shallow IM) and left/right side of belly area (subQ). Third week on this protocol and I haven't really...
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    Thoughts on shallow IM injections

    Happy New Year everyone! I have read of several doctors recommending 27g x 1/2" for testosterone injections into the thigh or delt. This is going to be shallow IM for me (fat calipers pinch about 8-10 mm at both locations). I currently use 25g x 1" into the thigh and the idea of less scar...
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