needle size

  1. T

    Starting cypionate tomorrow - needle size?

    What needle size can I get away with? I'll never inject more than 0,2ml (in cottonseed oil). Doctor wants me to do subq but I believe I'll do IM. And do you have any tips for muscles? I'd prefer not to do delts and was thinking about starting with quads.
  2. M

    IM Shallow injection needles

    Hello to everybody. A 30 gauge needle is too small to inject oil in the quadriceps? Thank you.
  3. A

    Best needle size

    Hi crew, Just after a bit of advice on best needle sizes for a glute intramuscular injection. I am currently injecting E3D and just want to make sure I am using the current needle size to draw and inject with. I am 6ft 4 and about 110kg with about a bit of belly fat. What is the best...
  4. W

    27G Needle Shredded Molecules?

    Hey everyone. Haven't posted in a while but still browse the site from time to time. I have been using 25 5/8" with detachable needles. It has low dead space but I have noticed I am losing about .1 - .2 cc in the actual detachable part of the needle. Has anyone else notice this with detachable...
  5. F

    Needle length question

    I have tried subq (3/8" 26g), IM 1/2" 28g, and IM 5/8" 25g. I seem to feel way better using the 5/8" needle pushed in deep (so maybe 1" in). Does this make any sense or is it a coincidence? Or is it based on the location I'm injecting (usually ventroglute, lateral quad, or delt)? When I say...
  6. burnoutat42

    Is A 5/8 Needle long Enough When Injecting In My Glutes?

    Hey There I started TRT six days ago, however I'm a tad bit concerned. The largest needle size I was sent is 5/8.. is this long enough? I'm injecting myself in my glutes alternating from left to right every 3 days. Back in the day I became used to the big 18 gauge Sustenon 250 redijects...seems...
  7. E

    Needle Size

    I've followed the advice I've read on other threads and just ordered a 27g 1/2 inch insulin syringe. Since I started in August, I've been drawing with a larger needle and switching to either a 25 or a 27. Will I really be able to draw with the 27g 1/2? Also, there won't be any dulling of the...
  8. Lancealot

    What size syringe/needle is best?

    Hi all, Just started TRT 1 week ago today. Im going with subq injections for now. So far used small 31g 5/16 1cc (select brand), 29g 1/2 .5cc (covidien). The 31g took a little time to load and had to really push to get oil out. 29g was a bit better. I combine 5omg tcyp+175iu hcg 2xweek and...
  9. K

    what size needle for trimix?

    I got a Rx for Trimix today and I believe the needle is 30g - 1/2 inch. I thought about it afterwards, isn't a 1/2 needle too long? I don't want to inject it into my urethra. ;) she must think I'm "girthy".
  10. M

    MRK - Self Injecting Help...

    I just did my 4th self injection today. I have been using a 23 gauge 1.5" needle and I keep telling myself that this needle is way to long. Im 6'1" 225 athletic build besides the pot belly. I have tried the 1 inch needle but worried to much about it not going deep enough into the muscle. Well...