Exercise Principles by Nelson Vergel

Simple techniques learned by Nelson Vergel about effective exercise to lose fat and gain muscle while improving health.

Are you struggling to get in shape, and feeling overwhelmed with most fitness advice? This is your solution! Nelson Vergel’s Shortcut to Shape is an easy-to-understand comprehensive guide to staying fit and healthy! Check out this video to find out how to decrease body fat, increase muscle, improve your mood, and so much more! You’ll learn which exercises you need to focus on, and what they can do for your body.

Exercise is the key to keeping you young and healthy. You should start your workout with resistance exercise, such as weight training or push ups. These workouts can be done at home, or at the gym. Start by preparing yourself with rest or a healthy snack before your workout. Use exercises that work out multiple muscles at once, such as bench pressing, at the beginning of your workout, while your energy is highest. You should aim for 8-12 reps per set, for the safety of your muscles. If you feel as though you can do more, increase your weight so that 10 reps is the max that you’re able to do. Focus on your form, and doing the full range of motion for each movement.

Aerobic activity is any kind of strenuous activity that brings up your heart rate. It’s great for losing fat and burning calories. Start with just 20 minutes of low-impact aerobic exercises, 3-4 times weekly, if you’re not used to it. Be sure not to “overtrain”; it may lower your immune system if you put too much stress on your body, and cause you to get sick. You should feel more energized after a work out. Be sure to shower and have a protein-packed snack after a good workout.

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