HCG Monotherapy lab timing?

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So I've been on HCG Monotherapy since 03/20/18, so almost three months. Overall it hasn't been terrible, with some improvements in the sexual department, but some loses in strength and body composition. I've done two rounds of labs for two seperate protocols on HCG mono.

Labs were pulled on Fridays, 48 hours after the last injection. I know HCG has a short half-life of about 24 hours, so these should be somewhat of a trough.

750iu HCG M,W,F
TT 432 ng/dL
E2 19.8 pg/mL

1,250iu HCG M,W,F
TT 472 ng/dL
E2 28.2 pg/mL

So considering that these labs were pulled 48hrs since the last injection, is it possible that my TT was reasonably higher at the peak? When should I test to determine my peak on HCG mono?
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