8 week labs after starting TRT

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So I was a low E guy, around 7 on sensitive test, pre TRT 506 total 12.1 free. Had some libido and ed issues with low E, so I had idea to try TRT to increase E. Doctor wrote script for 200 mg every 2 weeks. I knew that was a big no no and didnt want to argue with him so since I do lots of reading on here I started my own protocol of 50 mg every 3 1/2 days into delts using 27 g 1/2 in 1 cc syringe . Just got back lab results from discountedlabs.com and Total is 693 Free 10.1 , E sensitive 26.1, and SHBG of 32.1. Definitely have better erections and maybe a little increase in libido yet get tired in the afternoons and have increased moodiness at times. Close to going with Defy for advice. Any suggestions regarding maybe increasing dose, frequency, etc. Especially like reading posts of Coastwatcher, Vince, and my friend Nelson.
My personal opinion is, I would increase my T injection to 70mg twice a week along with 500iu of HCG twice a week. I like injecting in the shoulders. I would inject the HCG and T on the same day and time, and try to avoid using an AI.