Can Testosterone Treatment Alleviate Depression Symptoms? Studies Say Yes!

Did you know that more than 250 million people have depressive symptoms all over the world? This mental disorder can affect both men and women. It has a profound effect on confidence, daily energy levels, and productivity.

Depression in men can be accompanied by different symptoms such as low libido, poor sleep quality, foggy mind, etc. The common treatment option to this health issue consists of antidepressant pills including Prozac. However, some scientific studies suggest that testosterone treatment can be effective in treating depressive symptoms in men of all ages. Keep reading to find out more!

The Link Between Testosterone And Mental Health

Testosterone is commonly associated with high self-esteem and confidence, increased muscular mass, mental concentration, and elevated sex drive. However, when testosterone levels drop, depressive symptoms can appear.

A low testosterone level means having less than 350 ng of testosterone per dL of blood. This usually happens to men approaching andropause, but it can also affect young men. When the doctor confirms the low testosterone diagnosis, he/she might prescribe testosterone replacement therapy. This treatment can increase testosterone levels and restore the libido and confidence of the patient.

Studies Show That Testosterone Treatment Can Alleviate Depressive Symptoms

Men who have depressive episodes might take antidepressant pills, but these may not effective in some people. Luckily, a great body of scientific evidence suggests that testosterone treatment can provide another solution.

For example, a synthesis of more than 25 randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials shows promising results. The synthesis covers scientific studies published on various scientific journals such as PubMed/Medline, Scopus, the Cochrane Controlled Trials Register, and more.

These studies were performed on men who were subjected to testosterone treatment. These patients had different ages, they came from different backgrounds, and had different health and fitness levels. Some of the men were hypogonadal which means that they had low testosterone levels while others were eugonadal which means they had normal testosterone levels.

Nearly 2,000 Men Experienced Fewer Depressive Symptoms

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The study results were impressive as approximately 1,890 men reported that they had fewer depressive symptoms while being treated with exogenous testosterone, in comparison with the placebo groups. This means that they had better cognition and concentration, better gym performance, increased libido, and elevated energy levels throughout the day.

Interestingly enough, the study also mentions that the higher the testosterone dosages, the more efficient the treatment was to combat depressive symptoms. Administering the right testosterone dosage is paramount to maintain proper health and avoid various health complications and issues. That’s why only a few select individuals received higher testosterone doses during these trials. As a result, they experienced a greater reduction of depressive symptoms in that period.

More Data Might Be Required to Formulate Appropriate Testosterone Treatments

The results of the study are definitely impressive. They give hope to millions of men who might experience depressive symptoms regularly. With that being said, it’s important to know that more studies are required to determine the exact efficiency of testosterone when it comes to treating depression.

Testosterone is currently administered to men with low T who have other health complaints such as lack of energy, low libido, poor gym performance, etc. The fact that testosterone treatment reduces depressive symptoms is a positive side effect.

Scientists and TRT doctors need to come up with specific studies and trials to measure how testosterone influences mental health. The patients also need to be more carefully monitored and multiple testosterone administration methods need to be used to reach more definitive conclusions using different types of testosterone treatment methods.

It’s important to stay informed when it comes to testosterone treatment. By doing so, you know what to expect and how to get tailored health care from your doctor. Check out this large collection of information regarding testosterone to learn more about it and its effects on the male body!