trt challenges

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  1. B

    TRT Limited/Mixed Results

    I started TRT in May this year, working with Defy since there were so many positive recommendations on this forum. At my 90 day consult/labs I saw a significant jump in my T levels (Total T 302 to 1360, Free T 14.7 to 49.9), but also a corresponding jump in my Estradiol (17.5-66.8). I realized...
  2. N

    41 year old with questions

    Hello All, As stated, I'm 41 years old and have been reading though the forums for a couple weeks or so. I stopped into a trt clinic yesterday to get a free tt screening. They called back and told me today that my tt was 340. We set consultation appointment for next week. Reason for...
  3. J

    Caber - Libido - Sides?

    Long time lurker, first time poster. On TRT for 2+ years an everything is great aside from utter lack of libido. Labs are great, mood is good, and all in all no complaints except from the notable libido lack. Been doing research on caber and am considering asking my doctor about it. I've...
  4. Smetry

    Challenges With TRT

    Hi Guys i wish to find an opinions what can cause this issue , I started TRT like 60 days ago I'm on T Cyp. 200mg a week/1ml + 500IU HCG twice a week and AI twice a week , did a lab test for follow up after 50 days of treatment and the big problem is my T Levels at 1292 and E2 is 18 even IGF-1...
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