protein; muscle; sarcopenia; nutrition

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  1. madman

    Optimizing Protein Intake for Muscle Growth

    13:04-20:35 *The primary driver of accumulating new muscle is definitely the weightlifting lets be clear on that and the protein is the icing on the cake! Pay close attention (16:30-17:32, 41:50-43:23) How much protein can your body actually use in one sitting? Is there an upper limit...
  2. madman

    Current Landscape of Pharmacotherapies for Sarcopenia

    Getting deep here, enjoyed this one! Abstract Sarcopenia is a skeletal muscle disorder characterized by a progressive and generalized decline in muscle mass and function. Although it is mostly known as an age-related disorder, it can also occur secondary to systemic diseases such as...
  3. madman

    The role of dietary protein in muscle, health, and disease

    In this episode of STEM Talk, Dr. Donald Layman discusses the importance of dietary protein in muscle development, health, and disease. He shares his research on protein synthesis, metabolic regulation, and the impact of diet and exercise on adult health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and...
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