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  1. L

    Help with the wife's labwork

    I'm currently on TRT, and feel great, no issues. My wife is also on an HRT protocol with a local doc, and has been for the past eight years or so. For the last several years, she's been great. However, these last 6 months has seen her mental state and energy levels be very inconsistent...
  2. L

    Wife's labs - your interpretation?

    Just looking for some thoughts from all you amateur hormone docs out there ; ). Wife has been on birth control of some sort for 20 years. Was depo shot forever, now on pills. Low libido, sometimes low energy. Other than that perfectly healthy. Has always had slightly high TSH with normal T4/T3...
  3. Black Beard

    Discountlabs is awesome! (WORKS IF YOU LIVE IN NJ/NY AND DRIVE TO PA)

    Hey guys, just got my lab results back and i'm stoked. I drove from NJ to PA.(I was worried it might not work because of state regs) So if you live in NJ/NY and are worried if discountlabs will work, it did for me. The process was super simple and stress free. The hardest part was just driving...
  4. Nelson Vergel

    Interesting Study of the Effect of Meals and Time of the Day on Lab Values

    [h=2]Highlights[/b]•Control of the pre-analytical process and the patient preparation.•Effect of a standardized breakfast or lunch before blood sampling on 77 analytes to interpret test results more accurately is presented.•6 of the analytes were influenced by breakfast or lunch.•14 analytes...
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