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  1. V

    Does hydrocortisone help with libido?

    I have low salivary cortisol. It is only 0.2 when it should be around 0.6 near the top of the range. Cortisol makes a large drop midday and stays low. I feel drained during the day/ fast heartbeat although never have to nap. When night comes I am calm and can concentrate and focus on my...
  2. V

    Help me create a Hydrocortisone treatment

    Hey guys, quick background, I have high reverse t3, low salivary cortisol, and high shbg. I have tried t3 meds that really didn’t do much besides increase shbg , and I’m now on Natesto only I want to try hydrocortisone, Hisone, from ADC. Articles I have read on low cortisol claim my cortisol...
  3. M

    Hypoadrenalism, Insulin resistance and Muscle wasting

    I'm looking for information on treating hypoadrenalism, insulin resistance and muscle wasting concurrently. From one study it shows that the combination treatment of hydrocortisone and norandronolone-19-phenylpropionate, anti-catabolic effects were almost abolished (1). Moreover, I read in a...
  4. G

    Hydrocortisone and restoring adrenal health

    Has anyone who's used hydrocortisone successfully weaned off it and restored their adrenals to full strength?
  5. T

    Licorice Drops for Adrenal Fatigue

    What do you guys think about this? http://drhui.com/articles-by-dr-hui/articles-by-dr-hui-2/chronic-adrenal-fatigue/ The part about about licorice drops is towards the middle section: "HOW TO TREAT ADRENAL FATIGUE"
  6. E

    Anyone taking hydrocortisone? Any Relief ?

    I’m a patient of Defy medical and was diagnosed months ago with adrenal fatigue and was told I was a pretty complex case. Started me on natural supplements of the course of months and did another saliva test and the values on the test did fluctuate more in the right direction. Unfortunately I do...
  7. jger242

    Thyroid and several other issues need advice

    I have several different problems. Any assistance is appreciated. 1. Low average daily body temp (97.1 average daily temp) occassionally rises to 98.0 - 98.5 after training. 2. Inability to lose weight. I have tried several different plans: increased activity (cardio, etc) reduced calories...
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