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  1. A

    Whats wrong with me...

    went to the ER and for the past month I've had hand numbness and loss of sensitivity and lightheadedness + vertigo with ringing in my right hear. not normal tinnitus, but loud ringing only in my right ear. ER said I was fine, but it keeps getting worse. I got an x-ray in my neck and everything...
  2. I

    Possible to be healthy @ 250mg/week? What blood markers do you want to see?

    This is an open challenge to explore the possibility of walking the enhanced boundaries, while keeping absolutely all possible negative TOT side effects in check, especially anything related to health. The main question I am trying to answer via blood work, BP measurements, WIP lifestyle...
  3. T

    New Member: Adrenals, Anxiety and getting my health back

    Hello Everyone - 39 year old male, 220lbs 12% bodyfat looking to regain his health. Ive been sick for a long time. Here is my story. I was a competitive bodybuilder and did 5 regional shows and 5 national shows from 2009-2016...but during that time I knew things weren't right. I have a...
  4. Abonicex

    is there a nandrolone fact sheet somewhere? is it true it turns you off for 18 months after taking it?

    i've been reading very good experiences with nandrolone. but i would like more info on the implications of taking it and its functions and nature. i rad somewhere that it truns you off like test but for 18 months. is this true? where can i read more about it? is there a way to overcome that...
  5. Fernando Almaguer

    TRT, empower pharmacy

    Hello, So now 4 years into trt and I have gotten a few more ancillaries from empower and would like to hear thoughts. Maybe you decide to try your luck. So far I am taking a lipo C injection from empower, hcg and glutathione. Also nandralone. This along with cold showers, sauna, and weight...
  6. K

    Cessation of TRT a good idea for me?

    SKIP TO BELOW THE DOTTED LINE IF YOU DONT WANT THE HISTORY :p So im going to try to make a long (~2 year) story as short and concise as possible. Since i believe its relevant.... I was a long term opiate addict. I finished that miserable journey with a few years of methadone treatment which is...
  7. B

    What is your philosophy on vacation health/fitness?

    I thought this may be a good question to crowdsource. I'm 27 and would appreciate wisdom from older men, particularly those in healthy relationships. My diet is always fully dialed, I don't consume alcohol, and I do some form of exercise daily. I also walk 10K steps a day. I love this...
  8. J

    which acts better for Hair Growth Propecia, Protein or Biotin?

    I really get confuse. Protein, Biotin and Propecia all are related to promote hair growth but which one does the wonders ? Please share your opinion on this.
  9. J

    Has anyone used Medstorerx?

    Hello folks, has anyone used medstorerx online pharmacy? If yes, then please share your thoughts on it.
  10. J

    Which one to choose viagra or cialis?

    Hey folks, viagra and cialis both are ed med but when it comes to performance which one you trust? the famous viagra or the weekend pill cialis? If tried both then please share the after effects of using it.
  11. J

    Workout a must to stay fit and Healthy

    If you want to live a healthy life then workout is must. Not only this much, a proper workout and routine helps to improve resistance and lowers the chance of cardiovascular problem erectile dysfunction problem ( although generic viagra exists ). There are many places where a proper routine work...
  12. X

    Green Tea is good for Belly Fat and good health

    Undoubtedly, a flat and slim abdomen is an ultimate beauty symbol which is liked by most of the people. Unfortunately, nowadays most people are getting obese due to their improper life style and food habits. People who have a whole mass of unwanted stomach fat are trying to green tea it away...
  13. I

    How Much Fish Oil is Enough?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some help with a blog post I've written. I realised quite quickly that I'd taken on quite an ambitious project, but... I have tried to collate all the scientific studies I could find to try and find out what dosage of omega 3 is really beneficial for different health...
  14. K

    hello people

    Do you think you have chance to suffer from diabetes. I am little scared. Because I family i.e. my mother affected this. Then I got a solution from a stuff which is called "Please Ban Me for Spamming this Forum". it's just amuzing.
  15. J

    hello everyone!! This is jordan mathew

    Health expert cum professional from New York
  16. R

    Two natural remedy to enhance male libido

    To improve male libido is one of the best ways to cure erectile dysfunction problem in men. Many people are suffering from low libido and testosterone level. Due to lack of libido and testosterone level, it creates significant impact on your sexual performance. Stress, anxiety, high blood...
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