anastrozole sides

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    Anastrozole resulted in high RDW and low ferritin

    Anastrozole resulted in high RDW and low ferritin. Never had this issue before using Arimidex. Anyone else develop high RDW and low ferritin on ADEX? My HGB,HCT,RBC are normal. Doc had me on 1mg/week with 100mg CYP/week. Only plus to ADEX was that it normalized my GGT, which can ride high with...
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    Adex/DIM- Anyone have success with combo'd drug/ sides? Im gettting sides after 2 weeks

    Hey guys: 2 part question with background info: long time member/non-poster but active on facebook: Defy appears to be prescribing Adex/DIM compounded together at empower or APS. Anyone have any experience with efficacy vs standard Adex by itself? On my 2nd week dosage of .25mg/200mg Adex/DIM...
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