"Natural VS Testosterone Therapy" by Lee Myer - Recommend

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Just finished reading it last night.
BIG book
389 pages plus another 40 pages of references.
The other books I reviewed were looking at testosterone from the 30,000 FT level.
This book is looking at the subject from the 1,000 FT level.
Lee drills down into small segments.
This is like a Physicians desk reference (PDR) on the subject of testosterone.
He covers it from start (how do you know if you are low) to a discussion of estradiol and testosterone.
He discusses symptoms and the physical results of low, to O.K. to high estradiol that is clear and easy to read.
He covers much, much more.
I would suggest that one start by reading one or both of the 30,000 FT level view and discussion of T, and then get this book.
When you do that you see clearly how all the items Lee discuss dove-tail nicely with the other 2 books and you can get a better understanding of how it all fits together.
That being said if one is looking for specific information on a limited area such as T and Estradiol, this book fits that use also.
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