How to Minimize Fat Gain During the Holidays

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Several studies have found that weight gain during the holiday seasons is not lost during the spring and summer months, suggesting that holiday treats may be a key player in the slow, insidious weight gain most adults observe with age.
One way to avoid this is to be diligent about your food intake. One study found that people gain an average of 500% more weight per week during the holiday compared to non-holiday weeks, with only the most consistent trackers averaging any weight loss at all. One answer, as asserts in a recent review is to overeat protein.

Overeating protein appears to be protective against fat gain, especially in people who lift weights. However, overfeeding research is limited and many nuances have not been investigated.

"How to Minimize Fat Gain During the Holidays,", How to minimize fat gain during the holidays.


That's true, it's difficult not to put on extra weight during the holidays. Good idea with protein intake. It's also important to choose fiber-rich foods, limit liquid calories and control your portion size.
I dieted for years prior to HRT and struggled to lose weight. I was pre-diabetic and had read how to improve my glucose and I slowly eliminated all sugar from my diet. I exercised and made a dramatic reduction in simple carbs (stuck with complex carbs) and my weight dropped substantially. Anyways this worked really well and I don't miss sugar, simple carbs or deserts etc. Eating properly is now a lot easier. But portion control was still an important aspect to losing weight. Somewhere along the way I stopped worrying about fats too and just kept at eliminating sugar and processed foods. (whole foods only) Now I'm on HRT and I couldn't gain weight if I tried. In hindsight, I was amazed at the junk I used to eat and the worse part was I'd never really thought much about it until I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.