HCG and Nipple Itchiness

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Does anyone find that within a few hours of an HCG injection they can feel an itching in their nipples? I'm currently administering 2 x 50mg of test E and 2 x 300IU of HCG weekly. I never get itchy nipples after my sub q test injection, just the HCG. I haven't actually got gyno but always get itchy nipples after injection.

I'm assuming the HCG is trying to raise my E2 much more than the test E is. Last test on E2 was 52.7 pmol/L well within range (0 pmol/L - 191.99 pmol/L).
Sensitive nipples occurs in the vast majority of men who undertake TRT. Men need the sensitive, LC, MS/MS, estradiol test.
HCG is pretty well known to stimulate aromatase in the testes and that may be what you're getting, an E bump. You can cut the HCG dose in half say 150iu E3.5D and see if that resolves, smaller shots EOD like 150iu EOD, something like that.
As both of my friends, Vince and Vince Carter, have mentioned, you're dealing with something that is unlikely to be a serious challenge to your TRT protocol. VC is right - adjusting your HCG dose/schedule may bring relief.