First defy consult

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I ma in process of switching over to defy, have a scheduled call monday at noon. I just got all of the lab work back last week that they require. I have been injecting 30 mg of testosterone cyp every 3.5 days since may after an 3 month clomid restart failure. All of my tests have shown total and free t climbing but hct remaiing stable. Two months in total t was low 400, then 2 more months it was 553 amd last week it was 823. Free t has remained 1.4-2% of total t. I have had problems with high hct, going over 60 at one point. So this has been great news. I think i tis the more frequent lower dose that keeps rbc growth from spiking
A few folks here said that the small dose was a waste of time. Well, it was not, again we are all different. Lookimg forward to discussing with dr calkin
That's great thing are going good for you. It is a small amount of test only 30mg twice a week, If it works great for you. Keep us updated.