ExcelMale and Dr. Saya Have Given Me Back a Life Worth Living


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I would like to thank ExcelMale, Dr. Saya of Defy Medical, and users like Gene Devine and Vettester Chris for helping me to get my life back on track.

Over 4 years ago, I summed up my problems in the following lengthy post:

Long story short, I couldn't function sexually whatsoever, had insomnia and really bad night sweats, and couldn't make any changes to my body despite a life revolving around working out and eating properly.

I jumped on ExcelMale to tell my story, because 7 months of working with a local doctor wasn't making any progress. Gene replied and gave me the name of Defy, which I can't thank him enough for. Chris was extremely well-spoken and followed up encouraging me even further to seek out Defy's help.

When I called Defy, they were excellent at answering my questions and set me up for an appointment with Dr. Saya. He was very professional and I felt guilty keeping him on the phone for 30-45 minutes, but he was patient and answered every question I had.

There was no way for me to visit their office, I was terrified of needles, and this whole "telemedicine" thing was hard for me to believe in at first. But it's one of the best things I've ever done.

Dr. Saya prescribed Testosterone, HCG, and Anastrazole....as well as Sildenafil for erectile dysfunction. We then went on a years-long journey of adjusting all the variables, waiting a few months to see how I felt, taking blood tests to confirm levels, and readjusting again.

At this point, I feel like the estrogen was the hardest part to dial in. I could tell when it was off by a feeling that is hard to describe, but was able to confirm through sexual activity. When it was too high or too low, I'd experience similar symptoms. When it was between those, things were a lot better.

So here I am 4 years later and things are completely different. I no longer think about sleep as a concern. 95% of the time I only get up once a night to pee, or more often just sleep through the night. I don't soak the sheets with sweat. When I eat right I'm able to lose body fat, and when I work out with weights I'm able to add muscle.

And most importantly to me, I am able to function sexually. I'm no longer the 3-times-a-night beast I used to be (boy did I take that time period for granted) but I gradually transitioned into being able to perform without needing the generic Viagra, and can reliably perform at least every other day without any need for anything besides my normal TRT protocol. And when the mood strikes, I can do back-to-back days.

Also, Dr. Saya said one of the benefits of HCG is it would keep me fertile. That has been true. My fiancé is now over half way through her pregnancy on our way to our first baby. It turns out, even at age 42, my concentration and levels of sperm tested pretty far above average at a fertility doctor. So neither she, nor I, needed any additional medications to conceive.

And the final update is that upon my last consultation with Defy, the nurse (who I transitioned to since my levels are fairly dialed in) reminded me to take my fish oil daily. I had been neglecting that as I took a break from working out and dieting, and soon after adding that back in on a daily basis...I've started getting occasional night time erections. So even after 4 years, I am still seeing sexual improvement from TRT!

I believe I could probably still make some small adjustments and get even better, but my life couldn't be more turned around thanks to the TRT Dr. Saya has put me on, due to the ExcelMale site being available and having the members direct me there. It was also a great resource as I learned why I was getting the protocol I was getting.

Between all the variables like testosterone levels, estradiol, HCG, DHEA, and on and on...each one possibly affecting the next...it can be a long, arduous process to put all the puzzle pieces in the right spot. But I can tell you that my life is 100% better today than when I wrote that original post.

So thank you again. If your goal was to help just one person, you have succeeded. Now my hope is many others can reap the benefits of what has been learned, and my best wishes are with all of you.
Congrats! Great to hear of the success!

I feel like I am on the same path. Not quite "there yet" still some dialing in to do, but I am likewise feeling a heap better at about 7 months with Dr Saya.