Blood test concern

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Hi everyone
I’m new to the site and have a concern that hopefully someone may be able to help with.
I’m in the UK and on TRT for secondary hypogonadism. My protocol is 0.6ml of sustanon every 4 days, 50mg proviron daily. I am about to do my 6 month blood test and have been a bit silly. I am supposed to discard the remaining sustanon after injecting 0.6ml. I feel this is a bit of a waste and so usually pre-fill 3 syringes each time using 2 vials, however on a couple of occasions I have not been able to do this and have taken a full 1ml. I felt fantastic and no sides but am concerned about my upcoming blood test. I have been back on correct schedule for past 3 weeks - I am supposed to do my blood test in my trough but do I need to wait a little longer as I don’t want my test to be too high, if so how many days should I leave it? Sorry war and peace but am freaking out a bit ?