Advice on changing protocal to 100 mg per week

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Hi all. Need a recommendation as to the timing of changing from a once every two week injection of 200 mg of Testosterone Cypionate to a 100 mg injection one time per week. I just started TRT and the doctor prescribed 200 mg every 14 days. I want to switch to 100 mg every 7 days and the question is this; should I start the 100 mg injection on the 14 day when I would have taken the next 200 mg injection or should I start the 100 mg injection sooner?
When I injected once weekly I always felt low the last few days of the week, if this happens to you split your dosage up (50mg) twice weekly to feel good consistently.

Your levels start dropping after 3.5 days anyhow, injecting every 3.5 days keeps levels stable and you feel the better for it.
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Sounds like a good plan. But ya everyone is right. Usually twice a week works for most guys unless your SHBG is low. Then you would probably benefit from ED or EOD injections. If your on the higher side for SHBG once a week could potentially work for you. Probably not optimal though. Going from every two weeks to once per week is definitely progress tho. Try it and see how it goes 👍
cfarone - I did well on once a week injections, especially when I lowered my dose to 120 mg and then 100 mg. Currently injecting 50 mg, two time a week...and doing even better.