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    Bod Pod facilities in the NY/ Metro Area

    For anyone who is interested in getting their body fat composition tested via Bod Pod analysis in the NY City metro area, here are a couple of leads.

    I understand that this device is highly reliable and is actually used at the NFL Combine for body comp testing:

    1. Obesity Research Center
    St. Luke's Hospital
    1111 Amsterdam Avenue
    NY, NY
    Body Comp Lab: 212-523-4194 Cost: $125

    The Bod Pod site also lists Brooklyn College as another testing center. However, even after placing numerous phone calls and e-mails to Brooklyn College, I have gotten no response from them.

    2. Brooklyn College
    Flatbush, Brooklyn
    718-951-4125 Cost: $75

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    This and DEXA scans are the 2 most reliable/convenient today. I do bod pod assessments often. Here's a locator...


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    Just a quick follow up and a word about Tanita "bathroom" scale / body comp accuracy. Got my Bod Pod test done yesterday at St. Lukes Med Cntr. Results were 14.4 % Went home and used my very old Tanita body comp scale to take a measurement .....result in "normal" mode.......14.5% I was pleasantly surprised and somewhat shocked at the accuracy. Thought this might be of interest to those who use Tanita home body comp scales and wondering about the accuracy.

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    Thank you for posting this information!)

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