Top 5 Exercises to Help You Gain Muscle

Gaining muscle requires specific exercises. While you can lose weight by increasing the number of calories you use up, gain flexibility by performing specific exercises, gaining muscle involves exercises where you lift weights. While there are many exercises that require you to lift weights, some are more effective in building muscle mass. To ensure that you build muscles evenly throughout your body, you need to perform a specific set of weight lifting exercises.

Squats: These exercises are aimed at building the leg muscles. They need to be performed with care to ensure the maximum benefits. The back needs to be arched throughout, the face facing forward and up, and the legs slightly more than shoulder width apart. To do the exercise, pretend to sit on a chair and get up with the weights held in your hands. Just make sure that you do it safely and carefully since squats can cause back issues if not done properly.

Dead Lifts: These exercises are meant to build and strengthen the back muscles. Try to do these exercises toward the end of your routine. Keep your legs shoulder width or less apart and your hands within your knees. You need to arch your back as you lift the weights to ensure that the lower back muscles get their workout.

Bench Press: This is a marvelous exercise to build your chest muscles. However, you need to ensure that your back is pressed close to the bench. Begin with the weight lightly touching your chest and move it up until it is above your chin or mouth.

Military Press: This is the exercise that builds shoulder muscles. Sit on the bench and keep your forearms perpendicular to the bar as you lift it above your head.

Straight Leg Dead Lifts: This variation works the hamstrings. It is similar to the dead lift but you need to focus on pushing your butt out and bend only at the hips not your back.