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    Your fears regarding "underdosed" bottles can be at ease due to the fact that no pharmacy, 503A or 503B, can dispense any sterile injectable without first passing third party analytical testing to confirm sterility, potency, and endotoxins. The test must pass FDA standards before being released from the lab. There might be cases of "underfilled" bottles due to loss of medication during transfer into the injecting syringe, there is a post covering this issue on EM. Empower and APS overfill their bottles by 1ml to compensate for this loss although its not a requirement. All US compounders obtain their raw materials from an FDA approved supplier, same as the commercial manufacturer. Where the differences remain are with customer service, dosage form quality, presentation (packaging), and in-active ingredients used. For example, some pharmacies do not adjust Ph to make the injection less reactive. Others use cheaper carriers, such as cottonseed oil, which can be thicker and more difficult to work with. Dont forget, you can request a copy of your batches analytical report at any time- every pharmacy has to provide this to doctors/patients upon request.

    I personally use testosterone from Empower, APS, and Hallandale and never had issues with either. In addition, hundreds of patients who monitor labs at least twice per year are using one of those three pharmacies so any batch anomalies would be detected as they wouldnt be isolated to a single person (everything is made in large batches).

    With that being said, I am co-directing operations at Empower Pharmacy and am working hard to build a full service catalog that will serve our field and clinics like Defy and Prime Body. In roughly 2 months our catalog should be complete to include injectable nutrients and many of the ancillary/adjunctive medications we use. If you are a Defy patient and would like to request a specific pharmacy just let the staff know upon checkout. Empower is licensed in all 50 states so there should be no limitation due to location.
    Jasen Bruce

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    HALLANDALE AND APS PHARMARCY .I wonder if the Docs and Clinics look at these reports .http://www.fda.gov/downloads/iceci/i.../ucm346087.csv

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasen Bruce View Post
    If you are a Defy patient and would like to request a specific pharmacy just let the staff know upon checkout. Empower is licensed in all 50 states so there should be no limitation due to location.
    I am a Defy patient and requested an HCG/T cyp refill from ONLY APS or Empower, via email to Defy on October 5.

    Today I received a FedEx notification that my shipment is coming from Hallandale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALMSGT502 View Post
    HALLANDALE AND APS PHARMARCY .I wonder if the Docs and Clinics look at these reports .http://www.fda.gov/downloads/iceci/i.../ucm346087.csv

    INteresting read on APS though my first inclination is that you probably don't want to know how your food is prepared, either.

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    somewhere in another thread that may be locked now, we had a discussion on how vials are filled, could they be under filled? I monitored my 5mL of Cyp from Hallandale and found that:

    with a 29g 1/2" U100 syringe, and using .12mL per day, (divided by 5ml) I should have 42 doses in this vial. I now have 43 doses drawn and the vial is completely empty, I've gotten every last drop out of it. Even accounting for some loss (which I can't fathom), the vial IS NOT being overfilled by as much as 1mL as has been suggested by some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince Carter View Post
    Two things to report for Hallandale Cyp:

    1. I like the clear vial, easier to read fluid levels.
    2. Cyp is thicker or more viscous, tougher to push the plunger than with the Cyp from APS that I'm used to. (Both are/were Grapeseed)
    Technically, the clear vial is the wrong one to use. Testosterone is light sensitive and is often dispensed with a "protect from light" warning. One is supposed to store it in the original box. If one does not, and the vial is clear, you could lose potency. However, I've never seen a source detail exactly how much is lost per unit of time during exposure to light.

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    I'm sure that in the 30-60 day use of a vial that that's negligible if anything at all.

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    Is there a difference in cost for us patients between APS, Hallendale, and Empower?
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    Not thru Defy there is no price diff.

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    I specified Empower for meds from Defy, but just got an order from Hallandale. I'm very skeptical about this kind of stuff. One thing people complain about is customer service from Hallandale. I checked the BBB, and they have an A+ rating despite one negative review (that they handled). Here is the complaint:


    I am looking up FDA stuff on them, but they aren't a 503b compounding pharm, so the inspections are not the same.

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    Empower is in Houston and I know Defy put out an email blast the other day saying that they were directing meds to other pharmacies.

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    Yeah, the hurricane just occurred to me too. Thanks Vince Carter! I hope everyone at Empower is ok.

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    Any word on the status of Empower? I'm nearing refill time and I'd much prefer Empower's product over everyone else.

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    I have received texts and updates from them, shipments will be delayed. The Pharmacy was not damaged, a lot of their employees are having struggles getting to work. FedEx and UPS are also having issues.
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    I am not a medical practitioner. Any suggestions I provide are not medical recommendations and are just my opinions. Please consult with your physician on any matters concerning your health.

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    I don't buy the 1ml overfill statement about Hallandale, before switching to low dead space syringes I would run out 2 weeks to my refill date, now even with them I barely make it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirk View Post
    I have had issues with Hallandale as well, such as short filling vials.
    I have had several shipments from hollandale in 2017 and they were all low fills. Now I switched to empower.

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    I noticed that Hallandale has switch from the metal tabs on the Cyp vials that could leave a scratch hazard, changed to a pop of plastic cap that leaves no sharp metal so that's a good thing. But too, everytime I've tabulated a hallandale vial over time with a low loss U100 insulin syringe I always end up @ plus 1 day of shots, they're not overfilled by 1mL which would result in about 7 shots over if it's overfilled. Im tracking a vial right now.

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    I have never had any problem with Hallandale. Fingers crossed it stays that way! they got hit pretty hard with the recent hurricane but I still got my meds for October.

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    Funny how I started with LowT.com with Hallandale pharmacy then went with Defy and switched to APS and felt the opposite, Hallandale was compounding the TesT CYP with I think with sesame oil or Cottonseed oil, and either APS or Empower add grape seed oil, but I always had a greater number with Hallandale on lab results, not sure if Grape Seed vs Sesame Oil made any difference or Hallandale was overdosing in their compounding, once on 200mg weekly mt FT went to 47!

    I tried Hallandale again for a couple of months during 2016 and again a greater number on my FT vs APS or Empower and feeling better too, I stopped Hallandale because they screwed up and order, with Empower I notice everything is steady all the time, I really feel I get the same product every time, I may try Hallandale next month again see how I feel, more so to try again Sesame Oil or Cotton Seed to see if I notice any difference

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    Hallandale seems to have stepped up their game. I received my refills yesterday from Defy. I've always made sure I got my refills from Empower after I had a bad experience with Hallandale last year. I used the new online ordering site for Defy and my shipment came from Hallandale this time. The packaging is much better, the HCG is only slightly disturbed into powder, the labels are actually legible, and my testosterone vials are clearly not under filled this time. I actually like how Hallandale splits the 11,000 IU HCG into two vials vs one since a full 11,000 IU vial seems to lose potency near the end of the vial.

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    First post/comment here guys. I actually found you from a Google search about Hallandale shorting doses. I just received my second round of scripts from them and the second shortage of 2 x Anastrozole. I thought it must have been my fault the first time as in maybe when I was splitting them I lost a couple. Made sure I counted this time and sure enough I’m short 2 again.

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    I have been a client to both compound pharmacies. I routinely get my labs on my own through several independent labs and by physicians. I can honestly say that both pharmacies and there products have proven to be legitimate and tested as such.

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